Self-Heating Massage Stones

Do-it-yourself massage stones

Our new concept allows the masseur to create instant massage stones whose uniqueness allows to better target the specific zones where energetic exchanges occur. The rise in temperature all through the treatment gives a deeper relaxing effect while relieving muscular tensions and stimulating blood circulation; the fully re- oxygenated body feels zen.
It consists in a mineral powder enriched in vegetal ingredients to be mixed with hot water so as to create a rich paste. The masseur models then its own stones setting in 5-10min; he can play on the shape, the size, the thickness depending on the body zones where he would lay the stone. While focusing on such strategic energetic points and flux, the masseur would melt away everyday stress and tension.

For a new way to breakthrough into the Lithotherapy

Usually called mineral « stone-therapy », the lithotherapy uses the stones energy to rebalance the organism. Besides the chemical composition, the energy released depends on the stones’ colours and shape. With such instant personalized stones, the masseur improves also the healing effect while perfectly adapting the stones to the targeted energetic flux. In addition to the shape, the masseur can play on the colour while adding specific ingredients to the initial powder.

Directions for use

For around 5 stones, mix 440g of powder with 200g of warm water (30°C). Take some paste in the hands and modell the stones (thickness of 5 cm). After 5-10min of setting time, you get smooth and non-sticky stones which can be positioned strategically along the major body’s energy channels or on pressure-points to rebalance the well-being of the body and mind.

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