Mr Ishii
Product Range

Konnyaku and Shirataki (noodle-shaped konnyaku) made from konjac yam are known as ‘broom of the stomach’, due to its high dietary fiber content and potential benefit for digestive and overall health.

AMBICO has been utilising Indonesia konjac yams, known as umbi porang, to produce Konnyaku and Shirataki.

Our Konnyaku Chips and Powder (raw material of Konnyaku and Shirataki) are both produced using Japanese standard technology.

Wet Products

Konnyaku and Shirataki known with liquid packaging, therefore in the beginning our company produce Konnyaku and Shirataki with liquid packaging.

Made primarily for the local Indonesian market, Wet Konnyaku and Shirataki – noodle shaped Konnyaku, are easily found on the market under the MR ISHII brand

Dry Products

Targeted for both local and international markets, this line is seen as a breakthrough for AMBICO, being the first company to produce Dry Konnyaku and Shirataki in the world.

For local market, konnyaku and shirataki dry products found on the market under the MR ISHII brand.

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