Salmon Oil Cream

“The salmon oil cream, absorbed deep in the skin, will bring out incredible changes in your skin.”

As the revitalizing energy of salmon penetrates deep into skin, your skin will be soft to the touch, even, smooth and glowing.

Rich in salmon egg extract and salmon oil, all from the salmon grown in the purest water, this facial cream is gentle to the skin, quickly restore the balance of oil / moisture level of your skin, providing a defensive barrier from harmful substances, protecting your skin from ageing and wrinkles.

With anti-wrinkle skin enhancing and whitening ingredients, this 2 in 1 innovative facial cream will keep your skin young, even, bright and moist.

The five secrets ingredients to regenerate your skin:

• Alaskan Salmon Oil 5,000 ppm – Contains vitamins A, B and omega 3 fatty acids

• Patented L22 – Lipid complex of macadamia seed oils, jojoba oil esters, phytosterols, phytosteryl macadamiate, squalene and tocopherol.

• Caviar extracts – Skin friendly protein and amino acids

• Salmon Egg Extracts – Contains vitamin E and anti-oxidant

• Seaweed extracts – Optimise the moisturising conditions of keratin


It has a cream-like texture, pinkish/orange colour and nice, clean and fresh scent that quickly dissipating after application. It leaves skin very soft and silky to the touch, hydrates and moisturises instantly without any greasy tacky film and absorbs very quickly.

It glides on easily and a very small amount provides coverage for the entire face.

It’s very lightweight and looks and feel luxurious.

Hydration stays for a long time, providing a great base for makeup and keeping it in place.

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