Dailycare Skin Booster 30ml

“Intense Glow and Shine.”

Dailycare Skin Booster treatment in the comfort of your our home.


Salmon DNA regenerates tissue by activating micro vessels and activates fibroblasts to help produce collagen.


Peptide complex makes up elastin fibers, also a type of protein. These fibers make skin look firmer and tauter.

Skin Tone-up

Glutathione & Niacinamide remove free radical and inhibits the activity of the ingredients that make melanin pigments.

Perfect absorption & Instant hydration

Quick and deep absorption into skin. Improves oil and moisture balance, resulting in silky smooth skin.

What is a skin booster?

Skin Boosters are aesthetic medical treatments that use active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, PDRN, amino acids, vitamins, to deeply rehydrate and regenerate the skin.

Skin Boosters are directly injected into the dermal layer of the skin and require professional procedures such as injection, MTS, and iontophoresis.

Curenex Dailycare Skin Booster is developed to nourish skin cells with ingredients used by dermatologists.

Curenex Dailycare Skin Booster is the answer for individuals with busy schedules or those who are reluctant to undergo medical procedure.

The first step in your daily skincare.

Curenex Dailycare skin booster is a multi peptide complex complemented by Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) for daily skincare use.

This unique complex promotes elasticity, brightening and tightening of skin from optimal concentration levels of its active ingredients.

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