Glow 9 24K Gold Mask Pack

Solution for

• Pores

• Oiliness

• Dullness and uneven texture

Product Function

• Peeling

How to use

1. Apply even layer to clean, dry skin avoiding eye and lip areas

2. Leave on 15 – 20 minutes or until completely dry

3. Gently peel off mask from outer edges

Product Benefits

• Powerful root waxing that removes not only visible sebum but also the root of sebum

• Facial waxing +lifting (sebum+ black heads/white heads+ dead skin + impurities + fine dust)

• WAXING PACK removes all the impurities in the pores with one time use!

• Facial waxing pack that roots out small and big sebum in the pores that is not removed with cleansing

• Its powerful adsorptive power removes impurities in the pores, and four pore tightening ingredients and patented sebum control ingredients control skin balance

• Quadruple hyaluronic acid ingredients instantly make your skin texture moist and smooth

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