Medi-Peel Glow9 24K Gold Mask Pack 100ml

This deep cleansing mask pack with 24K Pure Gold Powder to enhance skin elasticity while unclogging pores.
Bentonite and Kaolin infused to absorb sebum and pull out all unpleasantness to reveal a purified complexion.
5 types of Peptide added to balance skin whilst 4 kinds of Hyaluronic Acid to replenish and lock moisture.

Medi-Peel Luxury 24K Gold Ampoule

This ampoule contains 24K gold and 5 revitalizing extracts to minimize moisture loss and create a fully hydrated, smooth skin barrier.
A 99% 24K gold ampoule intensively takes care of cheek, chin and smile lines provides essential hydration.

MEDI-PEEL Collagen Super 10 Sleeping Cream 70ml

Containing 10 Super Food selected in Time magazine that gives the immune system by increasing antioxidant nutrients and vitamins, minerals for healthy skin. Low molecular weight collagen and natural ingredients address the most stubborn signs of aging, diminishing dryness while also improving skin’s firmness and elasticity while you sleep.

MEDI-PEEL Cindella Multi-Antioxidant Ampoule 100ml

Contains ingredients with antioxidant, anti-aging, regenerating and wrinkle improving properties helps to maintain plump and firmness to skin.

Contains anti-bacterial, anti-acne, skin-soothing, moisturizing and anti-irritant ingredients to help maintain clean skin on sensitive and uneven skin.

Help synthesize collagen and give elasticity to skin.

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